Kent Carpenter

SSMS - Room 1301/1302
Wed, Jul 17 1:00pm - 1:45pm

Centuries ago when UC Merced was just starting out ... OK so only 14 years go ... the Service Operations started as a typical configuration: Call Center and Service Desk. A complacency set over the land and the two team did not play well together. There was a lack of communication and we lost focus in our service orientation, and in a growing campus, this model would not take us from supporting 8800 (Students, Faculty, and Staff) in 2016 to over 12,000 by 2020 with the same amount of support staff.

A fundamental shift had to occur improving the customer experience and ultimately improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the team. Come learn how we applied disruptive thinking by moving to a weekly rotational model in Service Operations: Bobcat Bar, Desktop Support, Roaming Technician, and Call Center. Most people stated this can’t be done. See how we did it!

If change is your game, and you want to hear about disruption innovation and importance of organizational change management, come be a part of what I think is expected as leaders.

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This applies to anyone in IT operations and not just Service Desk, Desktop Support, Call Center, etc. where you are implementing change.

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Innovating IT Solutions