From its humble beginnings as a 21-attendee "academic" software meeting in 1982 at UC Santa Barbara to the annual conference now known as UCTech, UCSB is thrilled to host 2019's event.

Formerly known as the University of California Computing Services Conference (UCCSC), UCTech is predicted to bring between 500 and 700 IT professionals, including students and faculty, from across the University of California.

Who should attend UCTech?

UCTech welcomes all UC staff and faculty who have an association with or interest in information technology. Subjects for presentations are generally intended for IT professionals, but numerous sessions cover broader subjects: project management, service delivery, procurement, etc.

Participants include technical support staff, system administrators, unit directors and managers, librarians, information security experts, service managers, and others.

If you want to learn how other campuses address technology issues and challenges or build a network of professional IT colleagues from the UC system, you should attend UCTech 2019.

What is a UCTech Ambassador?

Ambassadors represent their UC campus in the planning and coordination of the UCTech conference. Ambassadors use communication channels and contact networks to raise awareness and enthusiasm for UCTech on their campus. Ambassadors attend UCTech and serve as a conduit of information from the conference to the members of their campus who are in attendance.

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