Hal Bookbinder
Michael Pfeffer

HSSB - McCune Conference Room 6020
Tue, Jul 16 3:30pm - 4:15pm

There is only audio for this presentation so, with permission from the presenter, we have provided the slide deck and any supplemental materials in the Session Files section below. - UCTech 2019 Planning Committee

We have achieved over $7 million in IT savings and cost avoidance during each of the past three years, with no impact on service or the delivery of solutions, by encouraging all IT leaders to be excellent business people as well as excellent technical leaders. This has included training and tools in negotiation and tracking and publicly highlighting successes across the organization. Each month all larger expenditures are captured into a tracking mechanism and the director responsible for the expenditure identifies any savings associated with it. There are no negative consequences for indicating that no savings were achieved. But, the regular interactions with the directors and accountability through this process encourages ongoing thinking about ways to accomplish savings. The growing savings are regularly tracked, posted and presented to the IT leaders monthly recognizing recent additions. These savings have lessened the growth of IT expense while not adversely impacting service or solutions delivery. The process has been shared and adopted by several other UC IT organizations with positive results. This talk will overview the process, the tools and the results.

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PowerPoint Download - A Strategic Approach to IT Savings at UCLA

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Planning and Managing IT Investments