Jill Wolters

MCC - GSA Lounge
Tue, Jul 16 11:00am - 11:45am

Fostering digital Inclusion and Accessibility is an ethical and legal responsibility of all IT professionals. To assist with this goal, the Office of the President funded Siteimprove as an accessibility scanning tool and training resource across UC. While introducing this tool at our campus UCSF, we began leading a culture change and developed some recipes for accessibility success.

A good set of recipes help when planning a large event. We started with an appetizer for an initial warm hand-off to introduce stakeholders and users to the tool and set expectations. Next is an assortment of methods and techniques to tackle accessibility problems in tasty bite-sized pieces.

The main courses include crafting a strategy for tackling heavier issues such as PDFs, captioning, tactics for managers to monitor accessibility progress on their site, and how to leverage Siteimprove training for staff development.

Attendees will walk away with proven solutions that they can modify to create their own recipes to incorporate digital accessibility and inclusion into their unique campus cultures.

Previous Knowledge
Awareness of the University of California policy for digital accessibility - I don’t expect you to be intimately familiar it, but that you have heard it exists and know that everything we put online – from websites, to PDFs, to images – needs to be accessible.

Session Skill Level

Session Track
Diversifying IT Culture