Samuel Payne
Zhen Gu

Girvetz Hall - Room 2123
Wed, Jul 17 1:00pm - 1:45pm

In an effort to streamline and modernize our application development process, Educational Technology Services has started to implement new project management practices. We’ve recently started to create interactive, high-fidelity web application prototypes to promote collaborative conversations around the app’s structure, user interface, and workflow, as well as a collective understanding on the scope of the app’s features. The goal of this change is to reduce the friction between developers and stakeholders to create a final product that needs less last-minute (and potentially breaking!) changes before it is launched.

This session focuses on how technical and non-technical colleagues can effectively collaborate using the design tool, Sketch, and the prototyping web app, Invision, to create cohesive and intuitive, high-fidelity web app prototypes that will help your app move to production in-scope and on-time.

We will also cover lessons learned from utilizing this new workflow during a recent project, which launched in March 2019.

Previous Knowledge
This session is meant for anyone, no software developing experience is required.

Software Installation Expectation
None as long as I can connect my own Macbook Pro, otherwise I would need and the plugin loaded to connect to Invision from Sketch

Session Skill Level

Session Track
Innovating IT Solutions