Koorosh Ghorashy

HSSB - Room 1174
Wed, Jul 17 3:00pm - 4:30pm

Data is a valuable asset to any organization. Data Quality is an important and vital characteristic of any data domain.
This session will explores a unique approach to data quality through a centralized AWS cloud-based framework, scalable to be used with any data source.
Proactively address and remediate data quality issues. Maintain data consistency and reliability.
Join us to discover an AWS Cloud-based Data Quality Framework.

Topics include

  • Framework Architecture
  • Data Quality Mart
  • Data Quality agent
  • Data Quality Dashboards
  • Governance and security

Previous Knowledge
This session is intended for Architects, Analysts, Business and technical users, Managers and anyone who works and deals with data any any level within the UC system.

Software Installation Expectation
Accessibility to AWS and AWS services (S3, Athena and QuickSite)

Session Skill Level

Session Track
Innovating IT Solutions