Rose Rocchio
Lauren Cullen

MCC - Lounge
Tue, Jul 16 4:30pm - 5:15pm

Learn about UCLA’s Zenith App Platform (ZAP @, a powerful data driven Mobile App SaaS environment, created for Higher Ed. A bloated campus app is not necessarily the right solution for your environment, users are used to leveraging niche apps for more specific functionality and they are better served with a personalized experience. ZAP embodies several mobile principles that have always been core to an unbiased mobile experience:

  • Apps should be Data Driven: ZAP allows you to update mobile designs/content anytime to dynamically and keep your app engaging.
  • Apps should include Personalized Messaging – ZAP integrates with a messaging platform to provide personalization of messages via opt-in channels.
  • Apps should be Device Agnostic – Universities should strive to provide an equal experience across the two main Mobile OS’s. To ensure this, Mobile App code should be compiled for both the iOS and Android apps from the same code base.
  • Apps should be Accessible – Build your apps with ZAP to ensure that they are accessible
  • A campus App should provide easy integration – App resources are expanding across the higher ed environment and instead of building a behemoth app, you can leverage an App Catalog to connect essential campus apps such as Box, Next Bus, Your Athletics App, etc

UCLA hopes to inspire Higher Ed to leverage ZAP and share mobile resources across institutions. Mobile enabled transactions are becoming ever more the standard and digital content is emerging as a significant currency. It would be exciting to see a vibrant ZAP HE community sharing mobile content, VR simulations, AR apps and more.

ZAP is the easiest way to build campus apps with assurance that your data won't get exploited by a vendor. Why not leverage a non-profit solution, from a peer institution.

Previous Knowledge
Attendees do not need to have any previous knowledge.

Software Installation Expectation
None, this is about a fully AWS Cloud based environment. All that is needed is a browser. Although a Smart phone will be useful for a demo.

Session Skill Level

Session Track
Innovating IT Solutions