Ray Vadnais
Briandy Walden

SRB - Multipurpose Room
Wed, Jul 17 11:00am - 11:45am

At the request of the presenter, the session recording will not be posted. Please reach out to the presenter with any questions. - UCTech 2019 Planning Committee

In 2016, our campus decided to retire its legacy learning management system and adopt the Canvas LMS. After a year or so of working towards this new LMS future, it became clear that the deeply integrated development+support team structure that had worked for the past decade was no longer optimal for ensuring the success of this transition.

In 2018, the development+support team was split into two distinct teams: Academic Web Technologies - Development and Academic Web Technologies - Support. This empowered each team to create new, optimized processes for managing their unique and distinct workloads. Now, the Development team can laser focus on retiring legacy tools and developing new tools. At the same time, the Support team can spend more time looking at new and innovative ways to address the challenges of the Canvas transition for campus instructors and students. That said, this process did not always go smoothly and requires constant introspection and fine-tuning.

This presentation will touch on how we made these changes, the successes we have experienced, but also highlight the challenges encountered and how we have worked to overcome them and achieve dynamic success.

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