Diane Soini

Hatlen Theater
Wed, Jul 17 4:00pm - 4:45pm

I will talk about hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and wilderness backpacking in general. I will bring my backpack and unpack it to show the gear I use/used and answer any questions about hiking the PCT, especially from the perspective of being a solo woman hiker.

People in tech should step away from tech now and then and being alone in the woods is one way to refresh oneself as well as trigger personal growth. Solo hiking in the wilderness, like tech, is typically a male-dominated activity and so the personal qualities that serve women who do something like solo-hike the Pacific Crest is similar to those that help women succeed in tech.

I gave this presentation at the Professional Women's Association conference in May 2018 and it was well-received. I think this session could go under either promoting growth and retention or diversifying IT culture.

Previous Knowledge

Software Installation Expectation

I would need a projector capable of presenting slides behind me from a laptop. The slides provide a backdrop only and are not the substance of the presentation.

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Promoting Growth and Retention in IT