Monte Ratzlaff

Girvetz Hall - Room 2123
Tue, Jul 16 11:00am - 11:45am

According to a recent survey conducted by a leading security firm, 76% of respondents experienced phishing attacks. The threat from phishing attacks is real and causes data breaches, financial loss, and system compromises like ransomware. This presentation will cover real-life phishing attacks observed at UC and the various motives of the phishers. Attendees will see first-hand the methods used by attackers to lure potential victims into clicking links or responding with information that ultimately benefits the attackers. Attendees will learn tips on how to spot a phish and how to avoid taking the bait. The presentation will also include the latest metrics from phishing simulation campaigns performed at UC locations. Attendees are encouraged to engage in dialog to share their experiences with phishing attacks and lessons learned. The presentation will utilize a real-time polling application to pose questions about phishing. Audience members are able to use their mobile devices (phones, laptops, and tablets) to respond to the poll questions and see the results – live.

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Securing Information, Assets and Systems