Winnie Wat
Armanda Edwards-Newman
Tom Chen

Hatlen Studio Theater
Wed, Jul 17 3:00pm - 3:45pm

At the request of the presenter, the session recording will not be posted. Please reach out to the presenter with any questions. - UCTech 2019 Planning Committee

Successful individuals are enhanced by ongoing professional and leadership development. Douse some fuel with enriched mentoring aligned to individual career interest then you shall see your gems taking their true form. Join us and learn how our IT/CS Development and Mentorship Program (DMP) has grown from infancy four years ago and expanded over the years with objectives to support and retain high performers, create a culture of collaboration and nurture future leaders through skill exercises, strength awareness, motivational high caliber speakers and close mentoring by matched mentors. Selected mentee and graduating alumni are invited to join DMP steering committee to further improve the program. Alumni are also actively participating as mentee buddies to provide additional guidance to the next cohort. Mentees moved on after the graduation with more confidence and ability to resolve issues and take on more responsibility, as many were able to advance to the next level. The DMP promotes creativity and incorporates innovative ideas as part of the curriculum. Cohorts are split into teams during the program, based on individual strength to maximize cohesiveness. The teams carefully select their own project topic to provide value and enhancement to the production environment. Their proposals are then presented at the end of the program year and selected by Mentors and Directors to be funded and implemented. We would love to help you develop your very own Development and Mentorship Program so we can all continue to share and bounce new ideas off each other to make this program even more effective!

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Promoting Growth and Retention in IT