Ed Sakabu
Rose Rocchio
Keith Rozett

Girvetz Hall - Room 2127
Tue, Jul 16 3:30pm - 4:15pm

At the request of the presenter, the session recording will not be posted. Please reach out to the presenter with any questions. - UCTech 2019 Planning Committee

University technologists are in a unique position to offer IT services to researchers embarking on ambitious projects that require production level services with the flexibility and customization required of a dynamic research study setting. Mobilize Labs at UCLA provides such support to researchers with an emphasis on mobile data collection with custom apps and real-time data visualizations on web dashboards, most notably the multi-university PRISMS study of children with asthma. Here we focus on the design of web dashboards and real-time data visualizations deployed during the PRISMS study that played a critical role in catching and correcting system failures in order to minimize data loss and corruption. Web dashboards provide a mechanisms for all researchers (not just technologists) a real-time view of the most critical data and data checks to guide study decisions and interventions when necessary. We discuss challenges, solutions, and good design principles our team has learned during our work on the PRISMS project.

Previous Knowledge
No previous knowledge is required other than an interest in designing, developing, or managing software for supporting health research.

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Session Track
Developing and Sustaining Health Technology