Erik Wieland

Girvetz Hall - Room 2123
Tue, Jul 16 2:30pm - 3:15pm

Like a river with a flood, or a forest with a fire, sometimes you need to destroy something to renew it. Our IT Governance Committee on Technology & Architecture had become stagnant, and participation waned. Our new steering committee chair asked each committee to review its charge and focus, to ensure we were maximizing our impact. We disbanded the committee and brought together business and technical leaders to create something from the ashes. We set out to focus our campus's significant staff expertise on helping faculty and leadership set achievable, actionable technology roadmaps. Through consultations with other campuses and a thorough review of our own technology needs, we came up with a new model and an innovative dual committee structure. By destroying the old committee we were able to engage more of the IT community and rebuild trust in the IT governance model. The reenergized committee acts as a collector and amplifier of new ideas and a focal point for collaboration across the IT enterprise. We want to share how we destroyed our committee to make it stronger for the future.

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Planning and Managing IT Investments