Tom Andriola
Thomas Trappler
David Willson

Theater & Dance Auditorium - Room 1701
Wed, Jul 17 2:00pm - 2:45pm

As the lines between software, hardware and cloud products become increasingly blurred, more IT products are acquired as services provisioned in partnership with external suppliers. Additionally, every institution business process owner, whether or not part of the IT organization, needs IT solutions (increasingly SaaS) to achieve their business outcomes. These changes move the institutional role more from building and running IT, to managing a complex set of interrelated services and supplier relationships. The rights and responsibilities of the institution and the supplier must be clearly identified at the outset as part of the procurement process and explicitly defined in the resulting agreements. A strong, communicative and collaborative partnership between UC IT and Procurement has been developed to effectively address these issues, an outcome which neither organization could achieve on its own.

The session presenters will highlight successful resulting outcomes of UC's IT and Procurement partnership, including: IT procurement governance; establishing and maintaining key stakeholder partnerships; establishing and maintaining strategic supplier partnerships; using the procurement process to identify innovative solutions; using procurement agreements to mitigate risk; making procurement processes faster and more agile; establishing institutional leverage to lower TCO; how procurement and IT collaboration can enhance security, accessibility, and sustainability.

Previous Knowledge
This session is intended for people who need to identify and select IT goods and services to purchase.

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Planning and Managing IT Investments