Fel Bautista
Victor Vargas Reyes
Svetlana Milter

North Hall - Room 1109
Wed, Jul 17 1:00pm - 1:45pm

In the Fall of 2018, the XXXXX released a custom Referrals Automation application that integrated with seven plus different systems across the enterprise and beyond including NIH, commercial vendors and other 3rd party systems.

While the application was a success, XXX wanted to scale their platform quickly and proactively. With dependencies on external APIs, XXXX needed to be able to monitor and detect changes automatically to ensure stability.

A DevOps culture seemed necessary. Since, the XXXXXXXX has had a long standing DevOps practice for their own software development projects and they were a natural partner for XXXX.

This session will provide a general overview of DevOps and its business rationale with more detail about our efforts in continuous integration/continuous deployment. CI/CD provides development teams with a suite of tools to automate the repeatable processes of integrating their code, testing solutions, and building and deploying new versions to multiple environments.

We’ll focus on the lessons learned in particular discuss the considerations necessitated by integrating with XXX, the local EPIC instance, AWS and deploying DevOps in an environment with heavy concerns about PHI and developers in multiple locations.

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Developing and Sustaining Health Technology