Linda Janiszewski
Ramzi Harik

Mosher - Henley Board Room
Tue, Jul 16 2:30pm - 3:15pm

At the request of the presenter, this session was not recorded. - UCTech 2019 Planning Committee

Extending UC Health’s EHR to the Community Market

  • Define Electronic Health Record (EHR) provisioning to the community market and how that foundation helps evolve the patient care continuum
  • Discuss how UC Health is taking a proactive, integrated approach to advancing their provisioning strategies and capabilities
  • Provide insight to the program development necessary to sustain the business model (e.g., legal, compliance, risk, vendor licensing, privacy, cost modeling)
  • Share examples and highlight key lessons learned from providers’ experiences in delivering the EHR to the community; include patient experiences on how an integrated clinical record supports the care delivery
  • Share Cross UC Health Collaboration. Formation of the UC Information Services Network Affiliate (UCISNA) team and the leveraging opportunities. Initial drivers and focus areas, accomplishments, current and future focus.

Presentation will focus on

  • What is our unique value proposition for the community affiliate market?
  • How do we build the service culture to perform well in the competitive community market?
  • How are we measuring customer satisfaction with our services?
  • How have the efforts translated into measurable growth in the community market?

Previous Knowledge
A basic of understanding of how electronic medical records are used by health care providers will be helpful background for this presentation. Familiarity with the concept of Software as a Service (SaaS) will also be helpful.

Software Installation Expectation
Nothing specific. Epic, or any EHR knowledge, would be supportive.

Session Skill Level

Session Track
Developing and Sustaining Health Technology