David P
Caryn Neiswender

UCEN - Lobero Room
Wed, Jul 17 4:00pm - 4:45pm

Instructional media is ubiquitous in higher education. Whether it is lecture-captures, just-in-time instruction, fully produced videos, or quickly recorded feedback, we are all creating a significant amount of media! In this presentation, you'll hear the story of one campus' approach to supporting media capture and providing media management solutions. We started with a set of requirements, organized research into trends (and forward looking vision), asked for vendor demos, evaluated solutions, and made a selection. The final solution, Yuja, provided recording capabilities, integration with the learning management system (Canvas), and high-quality auto-captioning (or for an extra expense, round-trip human captioning). To vet the solution, we conducted a year-long pilot with a limited number of users. During the pilot, we monitored support issues, technical questions, and initiated user surveys. Extensive feedback was shared with Yuja, which resulted in system customizations for our campus. As we moved from pilot to full roll-out, we provided end-user documentation, informed service providers on campus, and continued to release updated services. For example, when media is captured or uploaded, it can be edited, captioned, shared with individuals, published to a class, or embedded in Canvas. We continue to streamline internal processes, and share requests for updates with Yuja. With a solid foundation in place, we can now enable more advanced media curation, video quizzing, and interactive elements within individual videos.

Previous Knowledge
Familiarity with lecture capture or media management systems is not required but may help in comparisons and analysis.

Software Installation Expectation
Powerpoint and / or HDMI connection for our laptop.

Session Skill Level

Session Track
Enabling Teaching and Learning