Katie Frehafer

UCEN - Flying A Studios
Tue, Jul 16 4:30pm - 5:15pm

Whether designing an app interface or a business process, the same philosophical principles drive both Lean Six Sigma and lean software design and development. By combining the two and understanding that they are complementary and mutually reinforcing, we can leverage our product lifecycle to achieve both process improvement and core UX goals. In this talk, we’ll dive into each stage of the Lean Six Sigma methodology, and how it applies to UX design with real-world examples and steps that you can take back for your own UX work.

Previous Knowledge
This session is intended for people who have a hand in designing applications around processes, whether as a UX practitioner, developer, product owner, or project manager.

Software Installation Expectation
I will be using Google Slides, so only need a browser. I will bring my own laptop.

Session Skill Level

Session Track
Planning and Managing IT Investments