Matt Erickson

Girvetz Hall - Room 1119
Tue, Jul 16 3:30pm - 4:15pm

At the request of the presenter, this session was not recorded. - UCTech 2019 Planning Committee

By mid-2016, UCSB had worked for 4 years to implement UCPath. Although 13 staff were allocated to the program, none of the 126 business process designs or 50 interfaces were complete, and over 85 departments still used paper timecards. After changing how we managed the program, UCSB drastically accelerated its deployment schedule and completed deployment in September 2018.

In this session, I'll walk through the steps we took to establish a sense of collective urgency, reduce the staff needed to complete implementation, and improve our team's execution of the project schedule. I will also discuss my lessons learned as PMO leader on driving teams to specificity, producing actionable scorecards, and implementing organizational change management strategies.

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Planning and Managing IT Investments