Carol Brothers

UCEN - Flying A Studios
Wed, Jul 17 2:00pm - 2:45pm

Concealing database credentials and rotating passwords is usually an exhaustive activity - for system administrators, database administrators, application developers, and security auditors. Discover how your organization can save time by using AWS Secrets Manager.

See how the AJS developers at UCOP created an AWS CloudFormation template to add a secret to the AWS Secrets Manager to both encrypt the credentials as well as rotating the password as often as required. Watch and learn how we modified our Java web application to use the secret as credentials to log on to our AWS RDS MySQL database without having to change the application because of password rotation.

Can you keep a secret?

Previous Knowledge
This session is intended for people with some technical skills.

Software Installation Expectation
A Chrome browsers with internet access would be helpful.

Session Skill Level

Session Track
Securing Information, Assets and Systems