John Lynch

SRB - Multipurpose Room
Wed, Jul 17 1:00pm - 1:45pm

IT project stakeholders such as administrators and faculty often want detailed, specific estimates about project cost before they agree to sponsor a project. Unfortunately, as any IT project manager knows, project plans are often full of educated guesses and complete unknowns, which makes any estimate highly uncertain. This session will introduce attendees to strategies for making and discussing IT project estimates that more effectively communicate that uncertainty to stakeholders. We will discuss French and Raven’s power theory, McConnell’s cone of uncertainty, "fantasy factors," and estimation techniques such as dual-point estimation, constrained-scope prototyping, and ratio-based costing that embrace uncertainty, while still providing stakeholders with actionable numbers.

Previous Knowledge
Little to no previous knowledge required. The theories and techniques presented are non-technical and will be presented in a way that requires no prior estimation experience to understand.

Software Installation Expectation
Powerpoint or PDF viewer.

Session Skill Level

Session Track
Planning and Managing IT Investments