Gundolf Schenk
Boris Oskotsky
Eugenia Rutenberg

UCEN - Flying A Studios
Wed, Jul 17 11:00am - 11:45am

At the request of the presenter, the session recording will not be posted. Please reach out to the presenter with any questions. - UCTech 2019 Planning Committee

Several teams at our campus are building a research data platform, called Information Commons. Along with software tools and data models this forms an infrastructure serving the campus research community with many different types of de-identified clinical data. Currently available/planned data are electronic health records, images, clinical notes, omics and waveforms. The distributed computing platform supports tools and models for relational databases, machine learning, natural language processing and script programming. The technology that is being built and tested may serve as an example for a UC-wide health data platform. In this session the speakers will present the current status, the technology behind the data, how different data can be integrated and linked for efficient query, and a few highlighted pilot studies.

Previous Knowledge
Talks will be all-level. A general understanding of (clinical) data types and their challenges for secure access will be helpful but not required.

Software Installation Expectation
No software installation required

Session Skill Level

Session Track
Supporting Research and Researchers