Brian Kuhn

MCC - Theater
Wed, Jul 17 1:00pm - 1:45pm

Disruption from artificial intelligence is the “new normal” within the legal industry. By extension, universities are increasingly using AI to augment front and back-office operations. Although adoption of automating simple, repetitive processes with AI is becoming more common, many universities do not understand what they should expect from this technology. They face challenges defining a business-centric digital strategy for AI initiatives. This session will provide insight into best-practices for defining the elements of a successful digital strategy for AI. How do universities prioritize a starting place? What critical factors should you consider in building or buying AI? How can you scale AI to the benefit of your organization, students, and faculty while planning for future change? This session will consider these and other issues, beginning with a description of AI and details on how it has already transforming capabilities and expectations.

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