Judy Stern
David P
Samantha Eastman
Michelle Lew

Theater & Dance Auditorium - Room 1701
Wed, Jul 17 11:00am - 11:45am

Classroom Response Systems (CRS, aka “Clickers”) have been, for many years, used in courses across UC campuses for engagement and assessment purposes, to the degree that some instructors consider them indispensable. With advances in CRS technology that provide new features, as well as enable students to participate using their own devices (phones, tablets, laptops), many UC campuses have been investigating a variety of new systems; some campuses have formally adopted a new system, while others are at an earlier point in their journey. This panel is to discuss where we each are now, where we would like to be, and any issues or road-blocks which could impede our advancement. We can also begin a conversation about what possible cost-saving options there might be if campuses join together. While the first half of this presentation is status updates by individual campuses, the second part is an interactive discussion. Feel free to participate or listen.

Previous Knowledge
Familiarity with classroom response systems is not required but may help in comparisons and analysis

Software Installation Expectation
Powerpoint and / or HDMI connection for individual laptops

Session Skill Level

Session Track
Enabling Teaching and Learning