Michael Story

UCEN - SB Harbor Room
Wed, Jul 17 4:00pm - 4:45pm

UC Campuses are all growing, and sometimes the way we provide our IT services must grow and evolve from small, localized practices, to more of a Centralized, and Enterprise-driven approach. Enterprise Workload Automation has been around for years as a powerful IT tool for driving Organizational goals. We encountered the challenge of reaching out to our IT partner teams, examining their current localized processes, and presenting solutions to them that can transform the way they conduct business for their stakeholders. We'd like to present two group success stories within our IT Department; Business Intelligence/ETL, and Registrar IT. We will cover their previous Operations environments, the issues and growing pains that they encountered, and how we used Enterprise Automation practices and solutions to help them realize their goals of utilizing Shared Services to streamline Operations, reduce Incidents, and reduce costs. We feel that this will inspire other campuses, who may be dealing with similar growing pains in Operations, Workload Automation, or other Enterprise Services, to reach out and introduce similar solutions.

Previous Knowledge
This session is for IT Professionals and Managers who support IT processes that are currently automated, or may require automation to increase efficiency. No specific IT skills or experience are required.

Software Installation Expectation
No software required for installation of the presentation software. I will either present from my own laptop, or remotely access my workstation for presentation.

Session Skill Level

Session Track
Innovating IT Solutions