Kent Anderson

Library - Room 1312
Wed, Jul 17 2:00pm - 2:45pm

The Data Provisioning Core (DPC) exists to support the majority of health data analysis needs though the provisioning of well-characterized raw health-related data and derived conceptual information to data requestors. Fundamental to the mission of the DPC is 1) the development of best practices in clinical informatics to guide the acquisition, transmission, aggregation, sematic curation, characterization, protection, and delivery of health data, and 2) a paradigm shift in the relationship between core users of data and members of the DPC, from a service organization model to a collaborative partnership model.

The DPC model was designed by IT Health Informatics leadership and was piloted in partnership with the Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine. The DPC is based two fundamental innovations. First, the DPC spans three existing vertically-integrated foundational teams, namely the Data Acquisition & Storage team, Data Curation Team, and the Data Provisioning Team. The three-team structure supports the development of standard operating procedures for data provisioning based on best practices in clinical informatics, providing access to the full complement of expertise and resources present across the IT Division of Health Informatics to enable greater efficiency, reproducibility, scalability, and transparency.

Access to high quality data is fundamental to the academic health center's mission to become one the world’s leading modern learning health systems (LHS) and a driver of health technology innovation. The Data Provisioning Core’s novel structure and collaborative operational model enable efficient, reliable, and scalable data provisioning to drive health innovation.

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