Tanya Jansen
Traci Farrell

SSMS - Room 1301/1302
Tue, Jul 16 2:30pm - 3:15pm

Do you approach change by hitting your users over the head with the same communications strategy or do you hit the nail on the head with targeted communication and outreach efforts? Let’s face it change is painful and inconvenient, especially when you’re competing with the distractions of a busy community. Beginning spring 2018 IT Security rolled out a set of initiatives to improve data, network, and system protection. We knew from experience that internal change was often an overlooked and underestimated pitfall when implementing enterprise technology, so we took a new approach and increased our communications and outreach efforts to drive change. In this session, we’ll share our experience creating and executing a comprehensive change campaign including the low-cost PR trick we used to create buy-in. Learn how we engaged with our community and encouraged them to accept change by keeping it fun.

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Securing Information, Assets and Systems