Saheli Datta

UCEN - SB Mission Room
Tue, Jul 16 3:30pm - 4:15pm

There is currently a lack of a shared definition among campus academic and administrative departments that provide teaching and learning services of what it means to be a ‘student’ at our UC campus. Departments regularly adopt data feeds for directory and other campus services as the definition of a student; this leads to some students getting denied critical student services. The Student Definition initiative aims to create a standardized framework for campus, so that each department can access relevant data within that framework in an easily consumable way and adopt a definition of student that matches their requirements for the services provided. Since campus departments are increasingly making their services accessible through web and mobile applications, this initiative is especially crucial in transforming students’ experience in promptly receiving digital teaching and learning services critical to their success.

In this session, we will present our framework for student definition, namely a set of student affiliations to the campus. A second set of timeless and time frame-bound statuses serve to associate students with each affiliation and also allow campus departments to construct their own threshold for who is entitled to their services, using the information provided within the framework. This enables departments to grant or revoke access to their digital teaching and learning services in a timely and accurate manner. We will also share our experience creating an identity and access control mechanism for the student definition framework (via REST APIs and Shibboleth) that is scalable for any number of web applications and systems across campus to consume. Finally, will review the procedures we are putting in place for proper governance and maintenance of student affiliations and statuses to preserve the accuracy and universal applicability of the data, as we expand the framework in the future to accommodate diverse campus needs.

Previous Knowledge
This session is intended for people interested in learning about campus data dissemination solutions. No programming skills required.

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Enabling Teaching and Learning