Chuck Kindred
Kay Burke

Library - Room 1312
Tue, Jul 16 2:30pm - 3:15pm

Our IT workforce has increasingly diversified, in demographics as well as thought. Therefore it is critical to adapt, ensuring that we create and foster inclusive environments, structured to maximize opportunities to share knowledge and collaborate. Roles that were never previously categorized as IT, many of which live in Analytics departments or on Informatics teams, are now directly contributing more than ever to the larger IT strategy. In order to allow these new players to breakdown silos and bypass hierarchies, a well-organized ‘Community of Practice’ must be established with an eye on engagement and establishing a healthy culture to support collaboration. By doing so, innovation can be nimbly harnessed and organic partnerships can be more effectively cultivated. More and more, IT teams are expected to think big, act small, fail fast, and learn rapidly. Fostering a broader IT Community of Practice, and inviting nontraditional IT roles to the table, can propel collaborative work and produce data-driven excellence.

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Diversifying IT Culture