Kristian Allen
Tim Dennis

MCC - Lounge
Wed, Jul 17 3:00pm - 3:45pm

Funding bodies, campus initiatives, and professional associations have recently placed an increasing importance on training as a way to help researchers, librarians and IT staff better engage with the expanding array of tools, research techniques, and vast amounts of data. The objective of many of these training programs is to improve the skills of researchers, librarians and IT staff in working with data. But how do we do this effectively in a way that promotes inclusivity? The Carpentries is an open, global community teaching researchers the skills to turn data into knowledge using evidence-based teaching practices. This session provides an overview of the inclusive pedagogy and teaching practices the Carpentries uses to create, teach and improve on their workshops. Specifically, we will cover how the Carpentries create a welcoming and supportive environment for all people regardless of background or identity. How we design our workshops with a focus on instilling a ‘growth mindset’, so learners can gain confidence in their abilities to continue learning. Finally, we'll cover some teaching practices and tips we use in our workshops that we’ve found effective in teaching technical topics to novices.

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