Amit Chourasia

Library - Room 1312
Tue, Jul 16 3:30pm - 4:15pm

SeedMeLab is a set of modular building blocks to create powerful data management and data sharing websites. It enables research teams to manage, share, search, visualize, and present their data in a web-based environment using an access-controlled, branded, and customizable website they own and control. It supports storing and viewing data in a familiar tree hierarchy, but also supports formatted annotations, lightweight visualizations, and threaded comments on any file/folder. SeedMeLab can be easily extended and customized to support metadata, job parameters, and other domain and project-specific contextual items. The software is open source and available as an extension to the popular Drupal content management system and will also be available as a service offered by SDSC in near future.

In this session, we will introduce and provide a demonstration of SeedMeLab platform and also discuss single sign-on integration. Attendees can try the platform on their web browsers.

Project site:

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Web browser

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Supporting Research and Researchers