Ted Cabeen
John Echeveste

UCEN - State Street Room
Wed, Jul 17 3:00pm - 3:45pm

Researchers generate lots of data, and want to store all of it. As a Research IT group supporting labs and groups with over 1,250 TiB of primary storage, we've built storage solutions of all sizes. In this session, we'll go over our current solutions for groups with storage needs in the following categories: less than 2 TiB, 2 TiB-200 TiB, and 300+ TiB. We'll talk about systems built on both flash and magnetic drives, and discuss backup, redundancy, and disaster recovery. We'll also discuss cloud storage, when it makes sense to use cloud as your primary storage location, and how to leverage the unlimited-data storage offerings of Google Drive and Box.net as backup targets.

While we will get into some technical details around hardware selection, file sharing protocols, access controls and data recovery, we'll also spend time discussing data and access models, system management, data preservation, and non-technical storage and life-cycle policies that do not require a deep knowledge of protocols or systems administration.

Previous Knowledge
Some Linux/UNIX systems administration knowledge.
Familiarity with CIFS/NFS file sharing and LDAP/Active Directory.

Software Installation Expectation
None, other than standard presentation software (Powerpoint, PDF display, and/or GSuite).

Session Skill Level

Session Track
Supporting Research and Researchers