Pavan Gupta
Victor Vargas Reyes

North Hall - Room 1109
Wed, Jul 17 4:00pm - 4:45pm

As the University of California, San Francisco prepares for a containerized future across many different platforms, environments, and teams, the School of Medicine Technology Services team (SOMTech) has begun experimenting with cross-platform containerization solutions. In this experimental architecture, deployment, and development effort, the School of Medicine has built and tested a multi-tenant Kubernetes solution on top of its existing Amazon Research Cloud implementation (ARC + Elastic Kubernetes Service) previously described in the 2018 talk Accelerating Secure Medical Research in the Cloud ( In a broad collaboration spanning departments in and out of the research community, we plan to discuss how our proof of concept has unfolded, where we see new architectures taking root, and how we plan to increasingly realize new infrastructure solutions around a common containerized future.

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